Pro:Idiom is an encryption technology developed by Zenith Electronics. This robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) system ensures the secure delivery of high definition digital television and video on demand (VOD) signals. Also, Pro:Idiom provides end-to-end security for protecting digital HD and SD video (including movies) and music transmitted over existing private cable TV systems and IP networks.

Unlike other DRM systems, Pro:Idiom was explicitly designed for the hospitality and healthcare industries, resulting in lower costs and reduced maintenance. It’s installed base of more than 3 million devices, integrated design, and attractiveness to interactive system providers conveys how Pro:Idiom is the clear choice for delivering HDTV services to your clients.

The operation of this world-class encryption technology requires a license by Zenith Electronics, which is the exclusive licensor of Pro:Idiom technology. Zenith only provides licenses to qualified companies around the world. Capital Interactive Systems is listed as a System Provider Licensee and is the first company in Australia and New Zealand to be a fully licensed Pro:Idiom Adopter.

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